A new LitRPG adventure!

Well met!

Few things are as exciting to an author as announcing the release of the first book in a new series, so here goes.

Announcing … [drum roll]

The Tomb of Angelus, the first book in my new Undying Lairs LitRPG series!

The Tomb of Angelus

For those of you unfamiliar with LitRPG, it’s a relatively new (but hot!) genre where the characters enter a fantasy or sci-fi world and use game mechanics to gain power and defeat monsters.

If you’ve ever played a table-top RPG like Dungeons & Dragons or a computer game like World of Warcraft, then you’ll feel right at home.

Here’s the cover blurb:


Nothing good slurps in the dark...

Chris Able is as risk-averse as they come after losing his job with the Atlanta PD and his recent divorce. So he looks forward to a weekend of safe, table-top gaming with his old college friends in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Instead, he’s pulled into a dank, monster-infested fantasy dungeon, where his survival depends on mastering the skills, magic, and personality of the player character he’s possessing. At least his friends are with him, but in the bodies of their own player characters. And none of them know how they got there.

Chris soon learns that to get home, he and his friends must do the impossible – defeat a god-like being at the center of the dungeon that knows far too much about their Earthly lives.

But can they do that when they’re also fighting against the wishes of the characters they inhabit?

It’s not the weekend a guy with anxiety issues needs.


So be sure to grab your ebook copy of The Tomb of Angelus today! And please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon, as that’s about the best thing you can do to support your favorite authors.