This is the official website of Rob Steiner, author of fantasy, sci-fi, alt-history, and contemporary mystery.

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Undying Lairs series

Read my new LitRPG series about a risk-averse computer consultant who magically transported to an RPG dungeon with his four best friends. The mechanics are table-top RPG inspired, with the RP an essential part of the story.

The Tomb of Angelus


Journals of Natta Magus series

Follow the adventures of Natta Magus, a wizard from an alternate 21st century where magic is real, who’s marooned in ancient Rome during the reign of Caesar Augustus.

Citizen MagusShadow MagusWounded MagusNatta MagusJournals of Natta Magus 4-in-1 Ebook


Codex Antonius series

Check out my Codex Antonius series, a sci-fi/alt-history epic about a Roman Empire that spawned an interstellar civilization.

Muses of RomaMuses of TerraMuses of the RepublicCodex Antonius


Role Playing Game Modules

Are you a Dungeons & Dragons fan? Me too. So much so that I’ve written some adventure modules for the 5th Edition rules.

Rumble in the RubblebeltBlade of Ulvinter